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Bill resurfaces in N.C. legislature that would disband NCHSAA


Posted 5:40 pm, 09/11/2021

Billy, once again you prove how ignorant you are. When was the last time you saw a full service gas station outside of New Jersey?


Posted 5:35 pm, 09/11/2021

LOL high school sports. I'd say focus on college sports but those high school sports "people" never got that far. Don't worry, I'll respect your ring when you pump my gas.

Hop Sing

Posted 4:18 pm, 09/11/2021

It's the Trump GOP!!!


Posted 12:44 pm, 08/26/2021

Where there is $41kk in a non-profit, there is almost certainly graft.

Albert Pike

Posted 10:07 am, 08/25/2021

There are 981 high schools in North Carolina, made up of 686 public schools and 295 private schools. North Carolina ranks as the 9th state in terms of student enrollment and 10th in terms of total number of schools. It ranks 34th for the student/teacher ratio and sits 38th for the percentage of students on free or reduced lunches.
At 686 public high schools and $41 million in assets, each school could get $50,000.00 that would leave over $5 million in assets for this "Nonprofit"


Posted 6:48 am, 08/25/2021

Al, don't expect Annie to be informed.

Albert Pike

Posted 9:37 pm, 08/24/2021

Have you read the bill, the second reading of the bill passed the State House 119-0 out of 120 members; at present there are 51 Democrats and 68 Republicans. That's what I call bipartisanship, I doubt the reason behind the bill is because some politicians kid was allowed to play ball.



Posted 7:49 pm, 08/24/2021

So as an added bonus, the politically-chosen state committee would get their hands on $41 million?


Albert Pike

Posted 2:56 pm, 08/24/2021

Albert Pike

Posted 2:55 pm, 08/24/2021

I think this also has something to do with the bill,
Carolina Journal reviewed a decade of tax documents showing the nonprofit overseeing high school sports in North Carolina has $41 million dollars in assets, mostly from dues from public high schools.

When high schools all across the state struggle to make necessary changes and upgrades to their athletic facilities, the "Nonprofit" NCHSAA sits on $41 million in assets.

Joseph T.

Posted 2:44 pm, 08/24/2021

elevenbravo (view profile)

Posted 2:11 pm, 08/24/2021

Forget about all high school athletics and go back to learning the 3r's While we are at it, throw in some civics and trade classes.

Yeah I can remember when the vocational trade classes in Watauga built a house every year and sold it to fund the next house. I can show you two different sub divisions that were built this way with the last one being right below the BOE


Posted 2:11 pm, 08/24/2021

Forget about all high school athletics and go back to learning the 3r's While we are at it, throw in some civics and trade classes.


Posted 1:54 pm, 08/24/2021

The Republican-sponsored legislative bill that threatens the existence of the N.C. High School Athletic Association has resurfaced in the state Senate.


The goal for the current version of HB91 is to "restructure oversight of public high school interscholastic athletics to ensure accountability and fair play."

The strategy would be to disband the 108-year-old NCHSAA and replacing it with the commission beginning in the 2022-23 school year.


The spark behind the revamped version of HB91 appears to have been a slow burn of nearly two years.

It stems from a 2019 football playoff eligibility appeal by an influential Republican senator from Anson County and the denial by the independent nonprofit group.


If I'm reading it correctly, a rich kid wanted to play but didn't qualify... so now the GOP is wanting to change the law so that he WILL qualify.

And if the NCHSAA doesn't give them what they want, they're voting to disband it and make their own oversight committee.

Is that about right?

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